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Welcome to DRAVP Database

DRAVP(Data repository of antiviral peptides) is an open-access and manually curated database harboring diverse annotations of AVPs including sequences, activities, physicochemical, patent, clinical and reference information.It currently contains 2015 entries of antiviral peptides, 139 entries of antiviral proteins and 64 entries of clinical data.

Data in the DRAVP is made available under an CC0 License. You are entitled to access and use the services and download data. The free services are offered for the purpose of providing access to summarized data, analytics, metadata, and bulk downloads.

To all regular downloads, please cite our publications. If you find some errors in the website, please send an email to


Liu Y, Zhu Y, Sun X, Ma T, Lao X, Zheng H. DRAVP: A Comprehensive Database of Antiviral Peptides and Proteins. Viruses. 2023; 15(4):820.


  • July 18 2023 29 entries of antiviral peptides have been added to DRAVP.

  • March 22 2023 60 predicted structures of antiviral peptides have been added to DRAVP.

  • Jan 10 2023 150 entries are added to antiviral peptides dataset in DRAVP.

  • Dec 5 2022 57 entries are added to antiviral peptides dataset in DRAVP.

  • Nov 30 2022 30 entries are re-updated in the antiviral proteins dataset.

  • Oct 20 2022 30 entries of clinical information are added to DRAVP.

  • Oct 7 2022 61 new entries of proteins are added to DRAVP!

  • Sep 30 2022 77 entries of proteins with antiviral activity have been added to DRAVP.
  • ...

About Us

Contact: Heng Zheng Ph.D.


The database is developed by Dr.Zheng's team. This is the home page of the database, please use the navigation bar in the top of page to browse the database. If you encounter any problems in using this database, please send an email to, we will help you solve as soon as possible.